The analysis of friction

An optimal wax ring for each application

The recommended quantity of paraffin depends on the fiber, type of yarn, article to be knitted, opportunity to use the yarn, among other variables. Based on our experience, we recommend the most suitable paraffin rings for each particular case. The purpose is to lubricate the yarn to obtain the combination of paraffin load and coefficient of friction that generates the most efficient and productive use of the yarn in the weaving process.

We classify a yarn as optimally waxed when its performance generates the highest yields in weaving.


We have laboratory equipment for complete analysis of yarn surface. We have in our laboratory the best friction measuring equipment currently developed.

Our latest technological development has been the design of a unique friction meter, fully electronic, computer-controlled, portable and compact, designed by TEMATEC with advanced technology and electronics for conducting tests directly at the customer's plant, obtaining immediate data on yarn waxing quality.

With this portable electronic equipment, tests can be carried out directly at the plants of the customers that use the TEMATEC paraffin rings and in the weaving mills where it is of prime importance to determine the degree of lubrication of the yarn, its characteristics and possible behavior during production.

Our electronic friction meters are not limited only to obtain the value of the coefficient of friction. They allow to develop several types of friction tests varying the conditions:

  • Friction of the yarn in different friction elements (chromed steel, polished steel, ceramic)
  • Friction thread-thread
  • Stick-slip tests
  • Contact angle variation
  • Variation in the test speed
  • With computerized statistical record of work input and output tension graphs, coefficient of friction, frequency lengths and all the statistical parameters of utility to interpret the results.