A certified product

A certified organization
A tested paraffin wax ring

The quality of the raw material used, the environmental conservation standards, the biodegradability properties and compliance with standards of materials related to health and ecology are concerns of our company.

Our clients obtain certificates from international verifiers awarded directly to yarns paraffined with TEMATEC paraffin rings meeting the most stringent demands of the textile industry worldwide.

We perform our tests in the CENTROCOT an Italian textile laboratory with Oeko-Tex standards certification. The results comply with the limits required by the standards of baby clothes (Class I)

The dyes we use to identify the different types of paraffin rings are biodegradable and do not change the color of the yarns. The colorimetry tests performed on yarns paraffined with TEMATEC rings show that they have the least influence on the change of tone and brightness compared with wax rings of other manufacturers.

Whenever possible, we retrieve the remains of paraffin rings from our customers, contributing to offer a product that will not generate waste, favoring the current policies of recovery of inputs and maintaining a friendly behavior with the environment.