Innovation and development

Constant assignment in Tematec

Our paraffin rings work in plants with high demands: they fulfill their function in desert climates, at altitudes above 4000 m.s.m., or in very cold and dry environments. We have a solution for each particular case with new developments and innovative designs.

For wax mechanic systems, where the paraffin ring works with the surface in contact with the yarn facing the front, we make the C4 format ring with four conical holes at the end of the motion transmission to the ring. The holes of conical shape on the pull face of the ring allow the operator to determine accurately and continuously the thickness of the paraffin ring, achieving maximum benefit in the use of the ring. It is a patented simple and insurmountable design that does not generate waste, as it can happen with the cylindrical hole paraffin rings, which present a sudden transition zone, with the possibility of wax detachment that can reach the yarn, fall in the feed material or generate thread breaks.

We developed the BIWAX ring, with double formulation, to compensate the decrease in consumption as the ring height decreases. This exclusive, patented TEMATEC ring allows a very regular paraffin load because replace the weight loss with the decrease in the hardness of the remaining ring. A very uniform coefficient of friction is obtained, ideal for dyed and raw cotton or blended waxed yarns in frameworks with a gravity paraffin system or for double torsion twist wax ring supports.