The knowledge of the textile process and mechanics applied to the lubrication of yarns.

The understanding of the physics of lubrication and friction applied to yarns and our solid textile experience is available to factories. We work directly with the machinery of our customers, offering them the best paraffin ring for their process and yarns to achieve the expected results. The theoretical knowledge of the textile technique is not enough if it is not accompanied by experience and practice in the processes of waxing or lubricating yarns.

TEMATEC is established in a country of ancient and recognized textile tradition. The native cotton fiber of natural tones is waxed with the ECOWAX ring, developed exclusively for this purpose. Fiber yarns of the finest Pima cotton, garments of exquisite alpaca or delicate vicuña fiber, dyed, gassed and mercerized yarns, multicolored fiber yarns, heather yarns, microfiber yarns and high-tech filaments are lubricated with our paraffin rings.

The continuous development of textile production machinery, ennoblement and use of yarn, the introduction of special fibers and the new requirements of the textile consumer market motivates in TEMATEC the development of new paraffin rings to meet the changing demands in the yarn waxing process.