Lubricants for weaving

TEMATEC manufactures lubricants for warp and weft weaving processes: paraffin wax rings and lubricating oils for wefts and paraffin bars LUBRIWARP for warps.

For the weft

Weft insert systems generating friction between yarn weft and metallic parts (tweezers) require lubricated yarn to improve weaving efficiency. We supply paraffin rings for the direct application in the loom using typical gravity waxing devices, and additionally lubricating weft oils for contact or capillarity application.

For the warp

LUBRIWARP bars are compounds of paraffin waxes, antistatic additives and, when necessary, self-emulsifying characteristics.

  • They favor the weaving process in articles with high densities of warp threads and in warps without sizing.
  • They keep capillaries of filaments cohesive, preventing defibration.
  • They facilitate the weaving of complicated areas like the selvedges in the warps.
  • They are used in reel warping machines for tape machines, elastic and trimmings, improving the performance of the process and the quality of the final product.

Paraffin wax bars for warps

LILAC - WLE Hard type, for abrasive warps, high temperatures in the working environment, low density of Yarns. Low paraffin wax load.
PINK - WLE Soft type, for denser warps, low torsion yarns, long fiber and filaments. Higher paraffin wax load and lubricating power.
RED - ST Hard type, for raw yarn warps, undyed yarn, short fiber filament, high temperature in the work environment. Low lubricant load.